Blonde on Blonde on CocksureMen!

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Bo Dean and David Dakota are walking along one of the many trails here at the ranch. The surroundings are beautiful, but not as much as the men. The clothes come off and David swallows Bo’s dick. Sucking Bo and eating his ass has David rock hard even before Bo gets his first lick. Ready to fuck as always, Bo sits down on a near-bye wall. David takes a seat right on Bo’s cock and the ass-pounding begins. David strokes his cock frantically as Bo gives it to him hard and fast. David loves every second, coaxing Bo to go even deeper. David, dangling off the wall while Bo still pounds his ass, explodes onto his stomach. Bo then deposits a load of his own onto David’s hot body.

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Bo Dean tops Leo Giamani, delicious!

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Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: The Clash of the Cocksure Men Titans. Bo and Leo can barely keep their hands off each other as Bo explains that he’s been in a motorcycle accident and is a bit scuffed up. All smiles, they go at each other like animals. Bo wastes no time getting Leo out of his pants and sucking on his monster cock. Leo then takes his turn on Bo’s huge dick as Bo takes control pushing Leo’s head down all the way. Body on body, the two men devour every inch of each other before Bo bends Leo over and asks “You ready?” Bo takes it easy at first while Leo gasps as his asshole stretches to let Bo’s cock in. “Feels amazing,” Bo says as he speeds up and jack hammers Leo harder and harder. Once Bo gets going Leo moans as he reaches that “pleasure and pain” moment. Before long there’s two loads of cum all over Leo’s belly, both Titans exhausted from their clash.

Looks to me like maybe Leo LIKES having a thick, hard cock up his ass?  What do YOU think, Guys?

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Jake Cruise’s Latest HOT Three-Way!

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Can it get any better than this? Not only does Jake Cruise get to play with their most popular model ever (Bo Dean) but right across from him is another tower of power (Devin Draz). These two huge, hung, muscle-studs are almost too much for him to le….almost ;0)  Devin is having trouble believing his eyes as Jake deep throats both him and Bo straight down to their balls. With everyone hard and ready, the fucking begins. Jake plunges into Devin’s tight ass while Bo watches. It’s not long at all before Bo can’t stand back any longer and now they’re in a three-way fuck train. Bo nearly fucks Jake and Devin straight off the bed! Jake’s ass needs a break from Bo’s abuse, so he lets Devin know it’s his turn. Bo slides his fuckstick into Devin’s ass and pounds away. After all the fucking they can handle, Jake drops a load onto his own furry belly and hand. The studs then fill his mouth with their warm juice to end this sizzling scene.

Check out this AWESOME preview!

And to see even more great action with Jake Cruise and all his friends:

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The Gay Coach

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Giovanni Summers is out for a practice run and tweaks his ankle. He hobbles into school to meet up with the hunkiest coach you’d ever hope to lay your eyes on, Bo Dean. Bo gets right to work on Giovanni’s ankle, rubbing it gently with lube. Although that won’t do much to help Giovanni’s injury, it certainly proves to be a great icebreaker. Bo asks, “Hey, aren’t you the gay kid on the track team?” to which Giovanni replies, “Do you have a problem with that?”. Bo casts a devilish grin…”No”. Within the blink of an eye Bo and Giovanni are locking lips and sucking cock. A little more lube and Bo is pounding our track star like it was a 100-meter dash. With Bo’s stamina he proves to be more of a marathon man fucking Giovanni long and hard. In this race to get their rocks off Bo finishes first, shooting in Giovanni’s mouth. Giovanni isn’t far behind though leaving a nice load on his lean stomach.

In the end Giovanni winds up admitting he was just feigning the injury to see if there was a gay coach; I think he really enjoyed his answer.



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Bo Dean at Jake Cruise: Solo, Serviced, Massaged!

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Jake Cruise has a new Best Friend! Bo Dean is amazing. He’s not my  usual type – he’s smooth! But his body is tight and heavily muscled, he’s got some awesome tattoos, and he has that “edge,” that Dred Scott, James Dean, slightly dangerous power top quality that makes most guys weak in the knees. Check him out at Jake!

Bo Dean, Solo

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Bo’s a construction worker, but it’s a good bet he’s never built anything quite as spectacular as his body. Damn, he’s hot! Plus, he’s got a beautiful cock (we’re talking dildo model quality) and a smile that could melt an iceberg.

Bo has a sexy way of playing to the camera, and his tattooed arms give him a bit of a ‘bad boy’ edge. Like James Dean before him, Bo has star quality. Keep an eye out for this guy! Visit Jake HERE!



Bo Dean, Serviced

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If you liked Bo Dean solo, you’ll love him when he lets me service him. And if you haven’t seen his solo yet, what are you waiting for?

Sporting one of the most outrageously beautiful bodies and killer smiles in porn, Bo shows a more passionate and playful attitude now that he has someone to play with.

Bo loves butt play, being deep throated and fucking my face, which makes my job a heck of a lot more fun. This is as wild and woolly a servicing scene as I’ve ever done, thanks to Bo’s relentless desire to get satisfied.  Visit Jake HERE!

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I have never had my face and throat pounded as hard before.  Bo takes charge and makes sure I, and my mouth, know who’s in charge.  I loved every thrust and gag.  And in the end, he is satisfied, shooting cum all over my face, with a big smile on his. I guarantee you’ll be smiling, and satisfied!


Bo Dean, Massaged

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A beast in bed, it was a nice change to get Bo on my massage table completely relaxed and at my mercy.

We start off with Bo face down so you get a great look at his broad, beefy shoulders and monstrous legs. I don’t make you wait too long though until I’m spreading those beautiful cheeks and having a taste of Bo’s ass.  Visit Jake HERE!

Once I’m satisfied with that he flips over and it’s on to massaging his rugged pecs and bulging biceps. Before long I’m choking down his thick tool.

If you watch Bo’s other work, you’ll find that ‘soft and sensual’ isn’t really his thing. So, I decide to throw him a bone and instruct him to hop off the table and fuck my face. I trade places with Bo and he obliges until he spews a hot load right in my mouth, which is my kind of happy ending.  Visit Jake HERE!


(Eyecandy, and plenty of it from Jake Cruise. Use it to get off. Enjoy and click to enlarge, fellas!)

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